Church planting requires a lot of hard work, optimism, and perseverance in the face of challenges. As a pioneer breaking new ground, church planters are often at risk of trying to go it alone.  When you are planting a church, or starting a new worshipping community, it’s vital to build a good community around you.

We have seen that where new church planters are supported by experienced church planters, they are more likely to succeed and see their plants flourish. Seeking to tap into a rich pool of wisdom, we’ve been working hard to build up a network of church planting ‘coaches’, who, over the last 30 years have been planting churches in the Diocese of London.

As a new church planter, you have the opportunity to be supported and encouraged by someone who not only has been trained in basic coaching skills but also has personal experience of planting. Coaches are committed to a regular time of discussion, either in person or over the phone, during which time they will listen, ask questions, and seek to draw out thoughts and encourage next steps and strategies.

With so much going on in the days leading up to the launch of a plant, and in it’s early months, this coaching process allows the planter to set aside an hour a month, for example, where they can reflect, work through their thought process or any problems they are facing, set goals, and pray with someone external to, but not unfamiliar with, the planting process.

We have trained over twenty coaches from a variety of church planting contexts and churchmanships. Church planters and coaches are matched according to the contexts they are planting into, church planting model, or church tradition.

In order to be eligible for grants available for NWCs from the Diocese of London, it is a requirement for church planters to be part of our coaching program. Find out more about funding here.

For any questions about coaching, or if you would like to coach another church planter, please contact H Miller.