Church Planting Course
The Church Planting Course helps church planters to develop their strategic plan. We’ve found that people who are trained do a much better job than those who aren’t. The course is a seven-session programme designed to equip church planters and their teams in the 12 months leading up to their plant. Ideal for those who are ready to plant, have their bishop’s permission, and have a venue and date for planting. Find out more here.
‘Church planting can feel like a roller-coaster ride all on your own but the Church Planting Course helps you feel that you’re not alone and works through all those things that could keep you up at night. A must for anyone who has a passion to join God’s mission in bringing people to Christ and growing his church.’ Steve Burston, vicar of St John’s Crawley
Church Growth Learning Communities
Church Growth Learning Communities are designed to help your church grow in depth of discipleship and in number. Church leadership teams meet together as a learning community to reflect on what is going well, imagine what could be and explore how those desires can become reality. Topics covered include knowing your purpose and vision; understanding your culture; developing leaders; multiplying mission; and deepening discipleship. Find out more here.
“The first session brought home to me the benefits to taking time out from parish life to go away and review hopes and plans, and the reality of what is going on. There was such value in doing this with a small committed group, which included the vicar… We felt ourselves wanting to enlarge our vision for the transformation that could happen.” Monica Bolley, Synodical Secretary for the Diocese of London
School of Pioneers
School of Pioneers, in partnership with CMS, is aimed at lay people in London, both those currently involved in pioneering, or identified as pioneers within the diocese. The school will offer pioneers the chance to understand their vocation, and gain the expertise, experience and understanding to help them launch and lead fresh expressions of church including missional communities, community projects and entrepreneurships across the diocese. Students will receive training on mission spirituality, contextual mission and entrepreneurship, and their application in practical situations.
The course will be run on six weekends throughout 2019 (a full-day Saturday and half-day Sunday): 19-20 Jan, 9-10 Mar, 11-12 May, 6-7 Jul, 21-22 Sep and 16-17 Nov. It is non-residential, based in locations across the Diocese of London. To find out more about the School of Pioneers please email or click here.
Exploring Church Planting Course
The Exploring Church Planting Course helps people to discern whether they might be a potential church planter as well as explaining what church planting is. Examining a range of models from history, different Christian traditions and contemporary practice, the course deliberately puts evangelical and catholic approaches side by side.
Topics include why church planting is a legitimate and effective means of mission; what is church planting; who plants churches; and how church planting happens in the Church of England. Find out more here.