Who identifies church planting opportunities and church planters?



Network leaders such as Bishops have a top down view of a large area for which they are responsible. They identify opportunities and those who may be able to create new worshipping communities.


Deanery Mapping

Groups of churches/parishes work with people on the ground to identify potential opportunities through our mapping exercises. They develop these opportunities into new worshipping communities. To find out more about mapping sessions click here


Sending Churches

These are churches or organisations who identify opportunities and send church planters who are ready to respond to the call of creating new worshipping communities.



Institutions such as training colleges recruit individuals to prepare and lead new worshipping communities. We work closely with St Mellitus College, London.


The Church of England

Exploring Church Planting Course

Do you want to find out more about Church Planting? What is it, how do you start, am I right for it?We have developed a course to help answer some of these questions.

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