Church Planting Course Outline


The Church Planting Course is designed to help church planters clarify their vision and develop their strategic plan. View our recent course outline to see if this is for you.

Session 1: Introduction to church planting and planning
Aim: To grasp the scope of church planting and why and how to use strategic planning for successful church planting
Introduction to church planting
Introduction to strategic planning

Session 2: Planning for growth
Aim: To develop your strategic church planting plan with a growth strategy
Using timelines, stakeholder management and leading change
Growing the plant attractionally

Session 3: Developing the missional growth
Aim: To explore missional strategies using missional community, evangelism, mission, and social transformation ministry
Missional communities
Social transformation

Session 4: Resources for planting
Aim: To develop a budget, communications plan and understand how to research your planting context
Finance and budgeting
Communications and media

Half Term

Session 5: Leadership
Aim: To understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and how to develop a dream team
Developing a dream team

Session 6: Structures for planting
Aim: To access legal structures and understand buildings
Diocesan structures
Messing with buildings

Session 7: Commissioning
Aim: To present your consolidated church planting strategy
Strategic Presentations
Commissioning Prayer


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