New to the Team: Sharon Whitmarsh


We're excited that Sharon Whitmarsh has just joined our team as the 100 New Worshipping Communities Support and Relationship Coordinator. We spoke to Sharon to find out about this new role and what she's most looking forward to as she starts.

You have a very long job title! Can you explain what you’ll be doing?

Yes, I’m going to need a big business card to fit my new job title on! I’m here to support H Miller, the Head of Development for Church Planting and Growth. And I’ll also be building relationships and supporting our new worshipping communities, mainly in London.


What are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to supporting people involved in church plants, whether they’re leading new services, revitalising existing congregations, or planting a church for unreached community or area. We want planters to feel that they are supported through the whole journey, so when they complete our Church Planting Course, they have the right support and resources to grow and flourish.

I’m excited to work with planters who have a passion to see the gospel lived out, bringing Jesus to areas where there might not be an existing church community. I’ve already met the team who work with Helen Shannon on estates and been inspired by their work to reach different communities across London with God’s love.

What do you think some of the challenges will be?

Seeing H’s inbox for the first time was eye-opening! So I think a big work challenge is going to be keeping H’s emails below 100! I will be promoting the benefits of the archive facility of Microsoft Outlook.


What were you doing before you joined our team?

I’ve left All Souls Church where I was working for their homeless ministry Aslan. My CV is pretty eclectic – I’ve worked in PR for tech, fashion and entertainment, where I was on the red carpet with celebrities. I currently live in North-West London with my husband and two-year old son. I go to Emmanuel Church in Northwood and love being part of a home group that focuses on deepening relationships with each other and God.