50th New Worshipping Community Launched


In 2013 we set a goal to start 100 new worshipping communities by 2020. In April 2018, we reached the half-way point of our Capital Vision 2020 target as the 50th new worshipping community French Connect was launched.

French Connect is a weekly service in French at St Barnabas Kensington to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of French-speaking people living in West London. There are between 300,000 and 500,000 French-speaking people living in London, roughly the equivalent of the population of Bordeaux. Yet there have been only three French-speaking churches in Central London to serve this community, as well as a recent initiative that has been launched by Christ Church, another church in Kensington.

On Sunday 29 April, French Connect was launched as our 50th new worshipping community to provide a space for French speakers to connect with God, each other and themselves.


French Connect is led by the curate of St Barnabas, the Revd Jean-Luc Sergent, and his wife Ginie, who are both from Paris. The launch was attended by the Bishop of Islington, Ric Thorpe, and the Bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin. As well as reaching new people in new ways, this service has become the 50th new worshipping community to be launched since 2013, marking the half-way point of our Capital Vision 2020 goal.

For full details of the launch, head to the Diocese of London’s website.

If you’d like to find out more about French Connect, watch the video below or go to St Barnabas Kensington’s website.


Photos by Rodycloud Photography

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