Exploring Church Planting CourseExploring Church Planting Course
Exploring Church Planting Course

The Exploring Church Planting Course is for anyone who wants to engage in mission, especially church planting and starting fresh expressions of church, but does not know how.  It is especially for those who have not heard much about church planting, or have reservations about it, but feel that there might be something in it. It is for the curious from all sections and traditions of the church.  The course is designed for Anglican contexts, but all other denominations and parts of the church are welcome.

The course deliberately encompasses both Anglo-Catholic and evangelical approaches to church planting and tries to match historical and contemporary perspectives.

The aim of the course is to help participants discern whether or not they could plant a church or be part of a church planting team and to give them the theological, historical and spiritual confidence to do so. We do this in 4 training sessions across 2 mornings and you can download a more detailed summary here.

Exploring Church Planting Course

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